One - Pot, Pan, Planet
One - Pot, Pan, Planet

One - Pot, Pan, Planet

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A greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet.

Celebrating vegetables and our planet, Anna Jones guides us through all in one dinners to keep things delicious, fast and easy. One brings together a way of eating that is mindful of the planet. Anna shares practical advice and shows how every small change in planning, shopping and reducing waste will make a difference. Divided into 4 sections with over 200 simple recipes grouped by what they are cooked in.

  • One pot with soups, stews and curries.
  • One pan with fritters, pancakes and crispy edged veg.
  • One tray with easy all in one dinners and deserts.
  • Quick recipes for when time is in short supply.

You can travel the world weekly from your kitchen with dishes such as: Persian noodle soup; Korean carrot and sesame pancakes; African peanut stew; baked dahl with tamarind-glazed sweet potato; and halloumi, mint, lemon and caramelised onion pie.

Limiting the pans and processes keep things delicious, reduces the washing up and energy required. There are also ideas to help you use the foods that most often end up being thrown away. This book is good for you, your pocket and the planet.

"This is a book where thoughts meet practical action meets deliciousness. It's a huge achievement" Yotam Ottolenghi

Anna Jones is a cook, writer, the voice of modern vegetarian cooking and the author of the bestselling A Modern Way to Eat, A Modern Way to Cook, The Modern Cook’s Year, and most recently, One.