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Grey Collection
by Hasami Porcelain
Grey Collection All Hasami Porcelain

The Hasami Porcelain Grey collection features a slimline profile for a truly contemporary feel. A palette of greys highlights both material and glaze, while the brand's signature simplicity, usability and individuality remain ever-present.

Porcelain Mugs

Clean, curved lines represent the essence of modern Japanese aesthetics.

hasami porcelain
hasami porcelain
hasami porcelain
Gloss Grey
Hasami Glassware

Heavy weight glasses to complement your Hasami collection. Available in Smokey Amber, Clear and Grey.

One of the foremost pottery districts in Japan, Hasami in the Nagasaki Prefecture has been crafting porcelain wares for almost 400 years. 
Hasami Porcelain glazing tecnique is a result of many years of development to bring out the very best of these raw natural resources.

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