Sepia Mug

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The Sepia mug is a wonderful vintage piece creating a warm nostalgic feeling to your room. The beautiful sepia glass and design strikes a balance between functionality and style with softly curving glass.

Made from heat resistant glass, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Sold individually - no box.


8 (d) x 8 (h) cm, 340ml

Care instructions:

Do not overheat in the microwave or heat without water. Use only for its intended purposes. Do not use abrasive cleansers or steel wool. Sudden temperature change may break or shatter the product. While the glass is hot, do not pour cold liquids into it and do not place it on a wet cloth or a wet surface.

[Saucer] Teak/Plywood (Urethane coating)
Do not use in a dishwasher. Do not soak in water. Do not place near open flames. Clean the surface with dry or tightly wrung out dishcloth after use. Avoid direct sunlight, dry well after use and store in a dry place. Slight differences may occur being handmade. Color and grain of natural wood varies in each item.

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