Linen Placemat - Jenn

Linen Placemat - Jenn

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Thoughtful addition to your table setting.

Made of 100% linen, the Fog Linen Work placemats are long-lasting. The linen feels firm at first and softens with each wash. As these are not pre-washed they will shrink 10-15%.

Linen naturally provides antibacterial properties, handy for use in the kitchen. It is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen!

Includes hanging loop to hang in your kitchen after use.

  • Size: W 35 x L 45 cm
  • 100% Natural Linen
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Lithuania

Fog Linen Work is a Japanese lifestyle brand. Merging Japanese and Western influences to create beautiful simple products for daily use. Designed by Yumiko Sekine, her minimalist designs are leading and defining the natural lifestyle trend today.