Chikuseiko Incense Sandalwood - Short

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Chikuseiko incense is made with 100% natural ingredients using techniques developed since 1898. These premium Japanese incense sticks are made using high quality japanese bamboo charcoal as the main ingredient and scents from plant extracts that are blended with carefully selected natural fragrances to create distinctive scents. The high quality incense burns with a subtle scent and very little smoke.

Take the time to pause and appreciate the glow of the incense sticks as the scent gently fills the room.

Bamboo Charcoal, Bamboo Vinegar, Natural Plant Extracts and fragrances

Size: 9cm x 2mm

Burn time: Approximately 25 minutes
Contents: 50 incense sticks

Guide & Care:
Light incense with a flame until it starts to glow. Be sure to burn only on a heat-safe surface and do not leave unattended. Take care as ash from the stick will fall while burning that may stain or discolor surfaces.

Benefits of Bamboo:
Bamboo can also be used as a substitute for wood, making it a sustainable material for future generations.