120 years of craftsmanship


Established in 1897 by a family of master craftsmen in the renowned city of Takaoka, Japan. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The elegant curves and lines transcend time and epitomise everlasting beauty.

Melting + Casting

Melting and pouring brass is the critical step in brass casting, with product quality hinging on the condition of the molten metal. Achieving the right copper-to-zinc ratio is crucial, and fine-tuning is necessary for each unique attempt.

Breaking the mould

After casting, the molds are disassembled, causing the sand molds to collapse with noise, and the newly cast products fall out. After retrieving the hot items, they are left to cool overnight before final finishing work is complete.

FUTAGAMI Toshihiro

It is through the outstanding brass casting techniques FUTAGAMI has developed over its history of more than a century that these beautiful and practical design concepts are brought into reality.