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The Ultimate Winter Comfort: Stay Warm with Klippan & Roros Woollen Blankets

Invite the simple beauty of mindful design into your space and discover how to transform your home into a warm and comforting sanctuary with Klippan and Roros woollen blankets. 
Made to wrap, snuggle or layer throughout your home, these bespoke woollen blankets and throws boast heirloom quality with decades of craftsmanship tradition. 
Offering both comfort and peace of mind, our collection includes brands aligned with sustainable farming practices, utilising certified natural materials sourced thoughtfully, crafting blankets to last a lifetime. 

Klippan: The Essence of Recycled Wool

At Klippan Yllefabrik, the love for wool is deeply rooted in its natural, renewable qualities. Wool is a climate-smart material, offering warmth in the cold and coolness in the heat, making it a timeless choice for any season.

A Commitment to Quality and Ethics

Klippan Yllefabrik takes pride in undertaking a stringent selection process, ensuring that wool is sourced with complete traceability to individual sheep farms. 
They are dedicated to ethical practices, avoiding shortcuts and never purchasing wool from breeders who practise mulesing. The throws and blankets are made from pure wool, free from synthetic fibres, ensuring they are naturally degradable and environmentally friendly.

New Zealand Lamb's Wool

The lamb's wool is sourced from New Zealand, where the Wool Integrity NZ™ program ensures high standards of animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and wool quality. The sheep graze freely in pristine landscapes, producing exceptionally fine wool. This natural approach results in wool that is not only luxurious but also minimally contaminated with plant matter. 
To Clean: To maintain the quality of a lamb's wool blanket, it is recommended to gently hand wash in cool water and air dry.

Chemical-Free Wool

The integrity of the wool is maintained through gentle handling, washing it with NPEO-free detergent and avoiding chlorine bleaching. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing by independent authorities to ensure it meets high standards, free from added chemicals and safe for the environment. 
To Clean: For chemical-free wool, occasional airing is often enough, but if needed, it should be washed with a mild wool detergent in lukewarm water.

Roros Wool Blankets: Norwegian Heritage

Røros Tweed Norwegian wool symbolises sustainability, deeply entwined with the country's natural landscape. For over 6,000 years, sheep have thrived in Norway's challenging climate, playing a vital role in the culture and environment. With only 3% arable land, sheep farming remains crucial for self-sufficiency.

Sustainable Sheep Farming

Norwegian sheep farming is characterised by small farms, where careful breeding and grazing practices ensure high wool quality. Sheep roam freely during summer, feeding on a natural diet of herbs, grass, and mountain water. This results in wool of exceptional purity. 
To Clean: Norwegian wool blankets should be aired regularly and spot cleaned with a damp cloth to maintain their pristine condition.

Skillfully Designed

Wool is a unique natural textile renowned for its insulating properties. Unlike synthetic fabrics, the fibre structure of wool features folds and bends that work to trap pockets of warm air within the fabric. These same fibres are dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic making wool blankets not only perfect during the colder months of winter, but also ideal for anyone with allergies or sensitive skin.

Eco-Friendly Wool Processing

Shearing occurs twice or once a year, depending on the breed, with wool collected and processed with minimal chemical use. The scouring process meets Nordic Swan Ecolabel standards, emphasising eco-friendliness. Norwegian wool’s low pesticide use and minimal environmental impact make it a responsible, timeless choice.

Varieties of Wool in Klippan & Røros Blankets

Swedish Wool
The Swedish wool is sourced from southern farms and is sheared and sorted by a master shearer to meet specific requirements. This completely natural wool, free from chemical additives, is a precious resource, and efforts are made to increase the sustainable supply. 
To Clean: Swedish wool blankets should be maintained by gently brushing off dirt and airing them regularly to keep them fresh.


The soft, elastic wool from a lamb's first shearing, typically at seven months. This wool provides the utmost comfort and safety. 
To Clean: For lambswool, a gentle hand wash with a wool-specific detergent keeps it soft and clean.

Gotland Wool

Gotland sheep, a breed with roots in the Viking Age, produce some of the most dextrous and luxurious wool in natural grey shades. This silky, shiny and ultimately sturdy wool is perfect for weaving especially for felt making. 
To Clean: Gotland wool blankets should be hand washed gently in cold water with wool specific detergent and laid flat to dry to maintain their luxurious feel.

Merino Wool

Merino sheep, originally from Spain, provide the finest, softest wool available. This delicate fibre is ideal for the most luxurious blankets. 
Above: Klippan Blanket Valley - Grey (50% Merino Wool/50% Recycled Wool)
To Clean: Merino wool should be washed with cold water and a wool-friendly detergent, avoiding wringing or twisting the fabric to preserve its softness.

Recycled Wool

Recycled wool is a combination of re-spun wool fibres and yarn remnants that then weave like regular wool. All types of wool are not only recyclable but also biodegradable as long as they are not blended with synthetic fibres during the re-spinning process. 
To Clean: Recycled wool blankets can be gently washed in cold water and should be air dried flat to retain their colour and texture.

Organic Wool

Organic wool is raised and handled under strict regulations, ensuring no pesticide residues and natural feeding for the animals. The use of antibiotics is tightly controlled, maintaining the purity of the wool. 
To Clean: Organic wool blankets are best maintained with gentle washing in cool water and natural drying methods.

Caring for Woollen Blankets

Wool's natural dirt-repellent properties often make simple airing sufficient for cleaning. We recommend cleaning your wool blanket as infrequently as possible, as excessive washing can cause shrinkage and wear. 
If necessary, spot clean with a damp cloth. Hand wash at 30°C and use mild detergent specifically designed for wool.
For drying, do not wring or twist the wool blanket. Instead, gently squeeze out excess water and lay flat on a clean, dry towel to air dry out of direct heat or sunlight, as any extremes in outdoor conditions can cause fading. 
When storing, ensure your wool blanket is folded and stored in a cool, dry place. If allowed, avoid storing your wool inside a plastic bag or vacuum seal case, as wool is a 100% natural fibre it needs room to breathe. 
Most importantly, do not use fabric softeners or bleach on your wool blanket, the harsh chemicals work against the natural fluffiness and softness of the blanket removing texture and warmth. 
By choosing to shop mindfully and investing in sustainable homewares with timeless designs, when cared for gently, will last a lifetime and become cherished heirlooms to share with family and pass down through generations.
Discover our collection of beautiful blankets and throws to invite cosiness into your space  in-store from Wednesday through Saturday or shop anytime online via our website!

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