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The Gift of Love: Together With Mum

What are some of your earliest memories? 
Amongst moments of blissful joy, new beginnings, big steps, tears and adventures into the unknown, I know one person stands out through it all - mum. 
Mother's Day serves as a gentle reminder to prioritise those moments of togetherness and to celebrate the profound significance these figures have in our lives as pillars of strength, love, and guidance throughout life's journeys. 
Whether it's gathering around the table for a heartfelt meal to share, embarking on a leisurely stroll for some quality time, or simply curling up on the couch for a cosy night in, these shared moments create lasting memories and work to deepen our connections with one another.
For some, the simple act of taking time out of your day to connect and share quality time together, offering words of affirmation, or performing acts of service, is another beautiful way to convey love and appreciation in ways when a gift may not feel like enough.
No matter her love language, a considered gift from the heart is one we know she will remember for years to come. 

A Loving Gift

For those Mums who embrace the expressions of love and affection conveyed through the thoughtful selection of gifts. 
Receiving a loving gift serves as a tangible expression of connection, appreciation, and joy. These gestures strengthen the bond shared between the giver and receiver through the exchange of considered gifts.

Mennt Flower Vase: Crafted by hand by local maker Laura Butler, the Mennt Flower Vase is an artful choice for those who love to receive flowers with a unique flower frog to allow each stem room to grow! Complimented with our best-selling HAWS Watering Can

A Time for Closeness

For those who find comfort in the warmth of tender embraces, affectionate gestures, and comforting touches, builds a sense of togetherness through the comfort of closeness.
Nurturing emotional connections promotes feelings of safety and belonging for the receiver, as physical touch communicates love and support in a deeply profound manner.
If you are sharing these moments of closeness with your mum don’t forget to listen attentively to their stories, sharing laughter and tears. It's about being present, empathetic, and supportive, acknowledging the profound impact mothers have on our lives by returning that considered time together.

Røros Tweed Throw: Nestle in with the Røros Tweed Throw woven from 100% Norwegian Wool and encourage a moment of closeness where gentle warmth works to soothe and calm the body and mind with a hug. 

Acts of Kindness

For those who value Acts of Service, togetherness is cultivated through shared responsibilities and random acts of kindness, showing love and appreciation through selfless actions that lighten the load and support one another. 
Through offering assistance, sharing responsibilities, and providing considerate support, we can show kindness and care for those we love. Especially for mum!

Posie Candle: Going that extra mile is easy when it's for Mum, the act of lighting her favourite scent in the kitchen after you've helped tidy the dishes or even surprising her with it's welcoming aroma when she arrives to a meal already cooked with love is a small way to remind her to enjoy a moment to relax!

Quality Time

Mum’s that find togetherness in being attuned to the moments spent in meaningful conversations, shared stories, and undivided attention find they feel the most connected when sharing their time with those they love. 
Quality Time is essential for fostering deep connections creating meaningful moments of togetherness that strengthen their emotional bonds. Sharing and simply being present in these spaces with each other cultivates a sense of closeness and understanding.

Mennt 210 Plate Set + 110 Dish Set: If you’re planning to spend quality time with mum this mother’s day over shared plates of breakfast in bed, make sure you’ve got the plates to match. With a smooth flat base, textured outer edges and a lip, these plate sets are made to enjoy your tasty breakfast without the worry of accidentally spilling on the bed sheets!

Heartfelt Words of Affirmation

Through heartfelt words, Mum’s who appreciate words of validation and affirmation find togetherness in the exchange of kindness shared though vocal encouragement, cards or letters of love and appreciation from their loved ones.
The language of Words of Affirmation is crucial for fostering emotional closeness and validation within our relationships. It's a time to exchange laughter, and words of reaffirming love, mindfulness and gratitude for Mum.

Notes To Mindfulness, Intelligent Change Journal: Give Mum the gift of time for herself all while empowering her to practise affirmations and gratitude through the act of mindful journaling to inspire. 

As the celebrations of Mother's Day draws near, it's also a time to acknowledge and appreciate those who offer us this same compassion, love, and support associated with a maternal figure, whether they be relatives, mentors, or cherished friends. 
We encourage you to draw nearer to those people who nurture these memories and sentiments with you during this celebration season and embrace the beautiful simplicity of togetherness to foster a sense of belonging and connection.
We celebrate Mother's Day to honour and recognise those mothers and mother figures whose resilience, nurturing spirit, and boundless capacity for love extends to shape our very essence.

Happy Mothers Day!

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