The simple home

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The Simple Home - A month-by-month guide to self reliance, productivity and contentment. This guide on living simply provides a year of simple home projects to undertake each month. For example January is all about organising your home and time for the year ahead, April has insights on growing fruit and vegetables in containers, July simple home bakes, October make your own natural cleaners for that spring clean and November a health and well being focus on body and soul.

So much of simple life revolves around how we work in our homes. As well as slowing down, managing money wisely and being satisfied with less, it's about improving our health by eating fresh, wholesome food; providing a warm and secure shelter for our loved ones; making what we need and looking after what we own.

In this beautiful and highly practical book, award-winning blogger and author Rhonda Hetzel lays out a year of simple home projects that will help those who have already started their simple-living journey as well as those who are looking for a way in.

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