Hasami Porcelain Bowl 18.5cm - Natural

Hasami Porcelain Bowl 18.5cm - Tall Natural

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HASAMI PORCELAIN’s curved lines represent the essence of modern Japanese design blended with the traditional.

Using methods of porcelain manufacturing dating back over 400 years from Hasami, in the Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. The often unglazed wares of Hasami Porcelain are made from a mix of crushed stone and clay that gives it an organic, tactile, and natural feel that transforms with use. This organic material also contributes to the clay appearing both cooler and warmer depending on the season they are made.

Its primary appeal comes from its beautiful form. This is enhanced by the functional nesting design making them easy to store in limited spaces. Pieces with the same diameter stack effortlessly and plates can be used as lids or trays.

Bowl: 18.5cm wide x 7.2cm deep

Dishwasher and microwave safe