The Gift Of Love

Do you have an outdoorsy mum, the kind who loves to potter in her garden and feel the sun on her face? Perhaps, she’s the type that appreciates a quiet moment, to sit with a cup of tea and a flickering candle? Does she like to indulge in a little self-care with premium beauty products? Or, maybe your mum is the creative kind, the type that likes to spend her time drawing, creating stories or baking?

Either way, this Mother’s Day is your chance to show your mum you love and appreciate the role she plays in your life.

While it may be easy to dismiss the annual event as a commercial campaign, it actually has its origins in peace. Mother’s Day dates to post Civil War America where activists called on women to commemorate peace with a special day, which later grew into Mother’s Day. In Australia, it didn’t catch on until the 1920s. Today, it remains an important date on our calendar, an occasion that brings families together and allows us to reflect on the importance of mothers and mother-figures in our families and communities.

Of course these important women in our lives deserve a gift that shows them how much they mean to us, after all, not all mothers are the perfume, flowers and chocolate types. And it is nice when it shows you’ve put in genuine thought to the kind of person she is and the things she enjoys doing.

We’ve rounded up very special Mother’s Day gift ideas that will tell your mum how much you love her.

Salus Body Wash: give your mum the gift of natural beauty and the ability to create a special spa experience in her home every day. The beautifully fragrant Geranium & Juniper Berry Body Wash contains hydrating aloe and cleansing chamomile and is Australian made. The gift pack comes with a soft brushed cotton face and body cloth - the perfect gift for mums who love to look after themselves.

Midori Notebook: when your mum runs her hand over the pages of this cotton notebook, she’ll know you’ve chosen a special, sustainable gift for her with all the feels. The stylish yet minimalist notebook contains 20 per cent cotton pulp so she can capture her special water colour images, gardening or recipe notes or just her day-to-day journaling – the perfect gift for the creative mum.

Passport journal: your mum can relive her happiest memories with her own stylish leather journal. Passport-sized and easy to carry, your mum can fill its pages with memories of that great family trip, the day you were born or simply use it to record her daily jottings and musings. This unique gift comes with a 64-page notebook and cotton storage bag but she can add to it with refill pages – the perfect gift for the reflective mum.

Nue Bar Face Wash, Shampoo & Conditioner with Bamboo Soap Tray: with this Australian made pamper pack you give mum the gift of sustainable indulgence and the knowledge she is making conscious choices each day with our planet in mind. These handmade and soap-free natural beauty bars are vegan and cruelty-free – the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious mum.

Posie Candle (Oud or Val) in a clear tumbler: what could be nicer than sitting back and watching the soft flickering light of a candle? Encourage your mum to create her own private sanctuary in her home with an Australian made soy candle that delivers a wellness experience every time she uses it – the perfect gift for the mum who likes to nurture her wellbeing.

Salus Rose Facial Mist, Chamomile & Geranium Soap, Lip Moisture Balm: show your mum a little love for the way she looks after herself and respect for the journey and beauty that is motherhood. The natural beauty wellness pack will enhance her daily beauty routine – the perfect gift for the mum who likes a little pampering.

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